Serious Upper Case B Boyfriend…nope

Ok…how about a house?  Dog?  nope & nope

Plants????  Um…sort of….I have an aloe plant that understands, and accepts, that I will remember to water him every 7 weeks (at best), and has learned to adapt appropriately.

The internet both tells me that I should have accomplished a bunch of crazy milestones by the time I hit 30, and not to pay attention to those lists because they are confining and instead I should be traveling the world and having crazy experiences before I hit those milestones all of 5 years later in my mid-30s. Well, I clearly haven’t hit any traditional milestones and I only have a year or so to go. But, whose counting? (Answer: one of the many voices in my subconscious) I’m not really surprised at my lack of commitment, as I am currently having a hard time committing to the new hip one space versus the standard two between the period and the start of the next sentence.

In the end, there is more to life than big responsibilities like functional committed relationships, children, property ownership, or pets. Adulting is about proving to the world that you are able to keep at least one organism alive and well, and that organism is yourself. I’ll be celebrating the small milestones like having clean underwear every day, taking the trash out BEFORE it starts smelling, and knowing when to say no that super yummy cocktail that will put me over the edge.

Here’s to adulting!

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