raising my hand

While sitting on the Green Line headed home on a the E train after a particularly satisfying spin class at Turnstyle (Back Bay), I started flipping though social media on my smartphone.  I came across an article from October 2017 entitled  I’m 10. And I Want Girls to Raise Their Hands.  As I read through the article, I could feel a tear slide down my cheek.  I was a 30 something crying with joy over a young girl seeing an issue and using her network to make positive change.

People say girls have to be 90 percent confident before we raise our hands, but boys just raise their hands. I tell girls that we should take the risk and try anyway, just like the boys do. If the answer is wrong, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like answering a trivia question to win a million dollars on live TV.

That really resonated.  It made me think about how often I hold off on doing something until I am 90% sure I was doing it right.  Sometimes, even holding back until I was 100%.  This needed to be something I worked on, I needed to work on getting the confidence of an awkward 10 year old boy.

As I walked home, a hometown friend posted about how she kept meaning to write a blog. She wanted to stretch her writing skills and had yet to find the time or energy to write.  This post made me think of Adulting {with Glitter}.

Adulting {with Glitter}. My blog. The blog I wrote in 2015 for a few months. The same blog that I then cleared out at the end of January 2018 to reboot.  The blog that stayed empty because I could not bring myself to pull the trigger.  I had tons of ideas, but was afraid it wasn’t enough, wasn’t the right tone, wouldn’t have a cohesive theme…

Well, here goes.

I am raising my hand. I am throwing my thoughts and fears and experiences out into the internet. Building my confidence to the level of an internet troll, but without the unnecessary cruelty and/or wrong use of your/you’re.

Before I sign off on entry one, let me give you some quick fun facts. I am in my mid-30s but look (and sometimes act) like I am in my mid-20s, live alone (happily) in a 2 bedroom apartment, and while I have a full time job that pays my bills, I also have a part-time job that keeps me sane.

Ok those weren’t so fun, but those are my facts. Oh, and my favorite animal is a land narwal, owl, pig, upside-down jellyfish, or dog depending on my mood.